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Our adult shows include knockabout musical romps, original musicals, reviews, tributes and more.

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Pantomime, with its interactive nature and universal themes, is a wonderful “first theatre” experience and the humour, slapstick antics, song and movement involved make it great fun for kids and parents alike.

What's On

Cluedo’s Clues for the Clueless

Lady Agatha: Owner of Carbuncle Castle – Cash Strapped, she cannot afford to Insure her manor house,But she has made sure that her Diamonds are well covered. Just in case they should get stolen ...But what would give her that idea?
Rupert the Butler: Uppercrust, new to the household. Tradition always say’s that -The Butler Did It! ...But Did He?
Ruby the Maid: Cocky : “Cockney Maid” Always tidying up and moving things... But does she have the Nous to move the Diamonds?
Crystal- Lady A’s Personal Assistant: Downtrodden, looking for a better deal in life, If only an opportunity would come along “She thinks if Only?”...But Could She?
Diamond Solitaire - Famous Movie Star: An American Star who’s career has stalled and is nearly broke... If only she could get a cash boost ... Perhaps , Just Perhaps she could revive her “Star Status”.
Father Rick O’Shea: A Man of the cloth , New to the Parish, Very Holy. Or Is He? He believes that “Temptation is a mortal Sin”..But He also preaches “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”... But which one does he practice?
Inspector Cluedo: Bumbling French Detective professes that he always solves the Crime and gets the criminal...Or Does He?

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