Letters From the Front - a revue to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of World War I

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They called it The War to End All Wars, The Great War, but it was not great.

Mother England called on her sons and daughters from the colonies to come and help rid the world of the tyranny known as The Bosch, so Australia & New Zealand answered the call. Many of our young volunteered to go ‘over there’ to fight for the freedom of the free world, thousands went, and thousands never returned. It was indeed A War to End All Wars.

“Don’t worry mum” was the common phrase “It’ll be over in next to no time, we’ll show the Bosch a thing or two” unfortunately this was not the case.

It took 4 long years, and the lives of thousands, to bring to a close this war. But through it all a legend was born, The Legend of the Anzacs. Therefore it is with great pleasure that we present to you “Letters from the Front - A Tribute to The Anzacs”.

Join us on a journey back 100 years through sentimental letters to and from our soldiers at the front, showing a broad spectrum of experiences and view points during the Great War. They range from funny and inspiring to sentimental, emotional; and moving in their nature. Mixed with comedy skits and sing-a-long songs of the Era.

So pack up you troubles in your old kit bag and Smile in the Cheer up Hut, Sing, Tap your feet and raise a glass to The Spirit of The Anzacs.

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Paul Danger McLean
AJ McLean
John Martin
Deirdre Quinn
Shelly Pontiac
Cherylene O'Brien
Paul Trueak
Steve Popowski
Brady Gambling
John Martin - Director
Chris Burrows - Stage Manager
John Penberthy – Music Director
Violet Rowe – Props and Wardrobe
Elaine Penberthy – Wardrobe
Brady Gambling - Military Props
Samara Jaensch - Backstage
Caetlyn McLean - Sound and Video
Mon Cochrane - Lighting


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A roller coaster of emotions, fantastic set, lighting, sound, and acting actors in front of house was a great touch had a great time with some good laughs and some heart strings pulled. – Mitch J D Lowe
Well done to Upstage Theatre Inc on their production of Letters from the Front. It was a lovely tribute to the Anzacs and you should all be proud of yourselves on a wonderful and moving tribute. Not just to the Anzacs but to all those who have served in all wars Past and Present, thank you for all your sacrifice and what you have done for our country….. – Rosalie Kralj
Thanks for another great night of entertainment Upstage Theatre. Great work John & Deirdre and all the cast for all your tireless work of putting it together, I learned a fair bit from it. It was a real tribute to Anzac Day as well. – Neil Warburton
Review by Anthony Hawser

The arts world has decidedly not been lacking in Gallipoli-themed undertakings this year, from local theatre to national television. “Letters from the Front” may seem like one of the more modest of the bunch, yet its aims are, in fact, quite ambitious.

Attempting to successfully combine war-time music with broad comedy and historical drama, the players of Upstage Theatre Company offer a presentation that has a number of good moments and which ends up quite emotionally moving.

Presented as a loose series of sketches and vignettes, rather than a linear plot with detailed characterisation, this show shifts moods in a way that could seem jarring or inappropriate, but which come to feel like an accurate reflection of the turbulent experience that war must surely present to those caught up in it.

The comedy is mostly broad rather than sharp, there are certainly smiles and chuckles to be found. The serious, dramatic, emotional moments work best of all, and they ultimately make “Letters from the Front” into a worthwhile, impressive endeavour.