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Bail Up! was the cry of the Infamous Kelly Gang, which struck terror into the hearts of the wealthy Victorian land owners and bankers in the 1880s.

But beyond the tough exterior, was a gang of 4 young freesettlers who considered themselves downtrodden and were tired of the constant harassment of the Troopers and the Traps.

Their leader was a man with piercing eyes and a bold heart who wrote himself into Australian folklore when he donned a suit of armour and stood his ground against overwhelming odds in a place called Glenrowan.

But beyond the armour, behind the eyes was a man both ruthless and gentle, rugged and kind – The Infamous Outlaw Ned Kelly.

Both revered and reviled throughout the ages Ned Kelly was an Irish-Australian battler, come bushranger, fiercely independent and pushed into action by the repressive colonial authorities of the time.

Upstage Theatre brings this legend of Colonial Australia back to life on the stage with their own interpretation of the Kelly Gang’s last days, leading up to the fateful day of the shootout at the Glenrowan Inn, which culminated with the arrest of Ned Kelly to face his fate with the hangman’s noose.

Through Tall Tales & True, Song & Dance, join Ned and his gang as they relive what was to become known as “Kelly’s Last Stand”.

For Enquiries & Bookings – please contact John Martin (Director) on 0419804698. Or Deirdre Quinn (Playwright) on 0417203050 or fill in our bookings form.
Paul Danger McLean – Ned Kelly
Tim Victory – Joe Byrne
Brady Gambling – Steve Hart
Deirdre Quinn – Ellen Kelly/Annie Jones
Sue Oldknow – Mrs Reardon/Narrator
Adele Victory – Grace Kelly
Samara Jaensch – Kate Kelly
Aden Quinn – Dan Kelly
Kirsty Battersby – Maggie Kelly
John Martin – William Gauson/Michael Kennedy/Narrator
Stephen Popowski – Superintendant Frank Hare/Alex Fitzpatrick/Jail Warden
Paul Trueack – Captain Fred Standish/Judge Sir Edmond Barry
John Martin – Director
Deirdre Quinn – Playwright
AJ McLean – Stage Manager
Tony Strutton – Musical Director
Violet Rowe – Wardrobe and Props
Sue Oldknow – Lyricist
Jamie Jaensch – Backstage
Caetlyn McLean – Sound Technician, Photography and Video
Mon Cochrane – Lighting Design/Technician
Brady and Ray Gambling – Props/Weapons/Armour
Mark Hallam – Button Accordion Player


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Patron review - Singing Gallery
The Legend of Ned Kelly. 
Upstage Theatre. 16 January. The Singing Gallery.
The name Ned Kelly is prominent in Australian history. The mere mention of this icon is sure to evoke much banter. Whether seen as a rogue, criminal or pioneer of justice for the downtrodden, there is always controversy surrounding the facts and folklore.

From the opening moment the treatment communicates effectively the various points of view, then brings us all into the wide emotional landscape of the Kelly family. Some may see this as overly sympathetic to the Bushrangers’ clan but it proves necessary in illustrating the path of the Legend and his gang. The constabulary and powers that be are also represented with detailed conviction and emotion. These factors, along with a wide range of historical information lend further depth to the never-ending debate over Kellys’ level of criminality.

An engaging musical score complimented by finely honed lyrics carries us through the highs and lows of the tale. The songs and dances involve us in the story further than dialogue alone could and combined with the accurate costuming create a convincing vision of pioneer spirit.

The cast have all been well chosen for their roles. All carry their own individual performances with energy and enthusiasm. The connection between characters will improve in time.

As there are weeks of rehearsal prior to opening at Fringe it is certain that any rough edges will disappear and that all who are able to “Bail UP!” and spend a couple of hours attending “The Legend of Ned Kelly” will be well rewarded with an evening of solid entertainment.

Congratulations on bringing the world premiere of “Ned” to the stage. it was a pleasure to witness the enthusiastic efforts of everyone involved in this entertaining tearjerker.. well done one and al!! on to the Fringe

Alex Ling
Patron review - Singing Gallery
Some added comments on the show.
  • Deirdre’s acting out standing as always. Well done with script & pulling it all together
  • John – great singing, stage presence & professional use of microphone
  • Paul McLean – his acting commitment shows, he asserts his singing voice and his leadership role is good as Ned as well.
  • Sue Oldknow – exudes confidence, great singing & mic use. Knows how to find the light & look upwards where appropriate so it is always on her.
  • Adele Victory – great characterization & I loved the way she always found a microphone to help her vocal projection
  • Tim Victory – I really appreciated his performance – strong plus good projection. Stood out as a leader with good stage presence.
  • Stephen P – Acting very funny. Found his diction a little hard to hear – I presume that this was that part of his characterization?
  • Kirsty B – also found her diction hard to hear at times but she has lovely stage presence
  • Samara J – brilliant projection & characterization
  • Paul Trueack – his diction & projection plus characterization brilliant
  • Brady Gambling – good acting but his hat always too low & shading light from his face.
  • Aden Quinn – great confident performance, singing & projection
  • Tony Strutton – well done, your music was great. I wanted to hear piano in mix more though.
  • Caetlyn McLean – I was impressed you did a good job mixing & never missed a sound effect.
  • Mon Cochrane – I just loved your theatrical commitment – there early, stayed til all packed away – above the call of duty & a great job with the lighting – you are an asset.
Congratulations to Upstage
Kate Townsend
Patron review - Noarlunga Arts Centre
Thanks for another great night entertainment and a huge standing ovation for the way you went about on with the show when the power went out.

I don’t think anyone went home unhappy and they were very proud of your professionalism. I can’t wait for the next Upstage Theatre show..

Neil Warburton
Yankalilla Performance
Date: Thursday 12 May
Dear John and your wonderful troupe,

The Books and Words Group is grateful indeed for Upstage Theatre so successfully staging of Ned Kelly last weekend at Club Fleurieu. Although it is not a tailor-made venue, you worked well to make the most of the space and facilities and tell us the gripping yarn behind the scenes in the Kelly family. The positive response of the audience is testament to how well your production went down with the audience who reacted strongly to the script and the music. It was a good night at the theatre and the feedback very positive.

I do appreciate that you and Deidre were prepared come to Yankalilla a couple of months beforehand; as a result the Club Fleurieu officials were able to make some modifications by clearing out storage, relocating their piano from the stage, and putting up the picture rail to facilitate the hanging of your remarkable back-drop. Raising these issues has helped them negotiate with other members of the committee about modifications required if they want the venue to become better adapted for such specific purposes.

Please let us know if there are other things which need to be addressed before the performance of Cinderella. We certainly look forward to that and will be keen to publicise this to maximise the number of youngsters who can benefit from seeing such life theatre. It is a remarkable gift you give us by bringing these opportunities to regional people.(Any photos from Saturday’s show which I can run in the local paper would also be a help, particularly if I can have a couple in the next few days as the monthly Yankalilla Regional News deadline is the 15th of each month.)

While Ned Kelly was a warmly inclusive community event, there were attendees from Adelaide, Goolwa, Victor Harbor and Aldinga, and some of them stayed over which means, moreover, the wider local community also benefits from such positive exposure. I hope it spreads the word about the value of coming to an Upstage production.

On behalf of the committee and group members, our sincere thanks for you great contribution to our cultural community. We look forward to doing business with you again when you stage the pantomime, Cinderella, on Sunday 10 July.

Yours sincerely,
Lorraine McLoughlin