The humorous story of England’s most famous out-law.
Robin is the merriest of men, but he has a yellow-streak. Proud, pompous and arrogant, but unfortunately Robin’s ambitions far exceed his capabilities.
Robin meets Friar Tuck who is on his way through the forest to marry the Maid Marion to Nobrick the Nasty, The Sheriff of Nottingham- who will stop at nothing to get his own way.
Little Joan (Nottingham’s answer to “Braveheart) tries to warn Robin of the danger, but to no avail. This feisty little fighter will take on anybody or anything.
This laugh-a-minute Pantomime will have you singing along with the wonderful songs cheering the hero’s and booing the villains.
So come and join in the fun with other such wonderful characters as:-

  • Robin Hood
  • Friar Tuck, a gluttonous fellow of the cloth
  • Little Joan, the mad Scottish girl who is devoted to Robin
  • Maid Marion, the unassuming hero of the saga
  • The Merry folk of Sherwood – Will and Jill Scarlett (and of course the villains)
  • Sheriff Nobrick the Nasty
  • The Evil Prince John
  • And The Soothe-Sayer, Morgiana,-The Hag

Robin Hood – Brady Gambling
Maid Marion – Eryn Kralj
Prince John – John Martin
Friar Tuck/Sherrif of Nottingham – Stephen Popowski
Little Joan – Deirdre Quinn
Moragiana the Hag – Shelley Pontiac
Jill Scarlet – Linda Lawson
Will Scarlet – Samara Jaensch

John Martin – Director
Violet Rowe- Costume and Props
Caetlyn McLean – Music and Sound
Paul Danger McLean – Musical Director
Rachel Blundey – Backstage
Samara Jaensch – Backstage
Cassie Peroff – Backstage