Speakesy tells the tale of Bubbles Galore’ The Star of the Copa- Cobana Club who hires Private Dick Sam Shovel to find some missing photographs of her and “Never mind who” in a compromising situation before her boyfriend Al Cabana finds out.

Al is the head of the Mafia – like Cabana Clan and runs the Speakeasy Club with brothers Sal, Mal and Hal.

But if life isn’t complicated enough , there’s a surprise or two for everyone when the mysterious “Agnes” arrives at the club. Just who is the other “Al” with the outrageous moustache? And why has he assumed the boss' name?

Speakeasy transports you back in time to the “Roaring Twenties”, a time of Prohibition, Murder, Mayhem and Comedy.

So guys, come dressed in your pin stripped suits and Fedoras, Dames in your Flapper Dresses and Boas,

And relive the time when Gangsters and their Moles owned the clubs and life was cheap but the women were cheaper.

Paul Danger McLean – Sam Shovel/Agnes

Linda Lawson – Vera/Al 2

Deirdre Quinn – Bubbles Galore

John Martin – Al Cabana

Stephen Popowski – Sal Cabana

Brady Gambling – Hal Cabana

Damian Rieck – Mal Cabana

Violet Rowe – Chef

AJ McLean – Cleaner

Shelley Pontiac – Millie

Cherylene O’Brien – Susie

Sue Monck – Playwright

David D’Angelo – Music Director

Daniel Thistlewaite – Violin

Violet Rowe – Props and Wardrobe

Samara Gambling - Stage Manager

Caetlyn McLean – Sound Technician

Mon Cochrane – Lighting Design/Technician